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To deliver a truly valuable (deep tissue) sports massage capable of reducing injury, improving performance and speeding recovery requires a detailed knowledge of human anatomy and our therapists have this in abundance! There is not a sports star alive who does not utilise the positive powerful effects of regular sports massage.

So if you take your training and sport seriously, or even if you are a couch potato but want to benefit from the therapeutic effects, why not incorporate an expert sports massage from us into your routine.

This massage is designed to have a rejuvenating effect on the body’s tissues that will promote elasticity and flexibility and may serve as an injury prevention strategy. If you are new to deep forms of massage you may feel a little sore the next day but this is part of the process of your tissues re-organising.

Once any such reaction subsides you should feel more subtle than ever and any post treatment soreness will almost certainly be much less or not existent with subsequent massages.

Initial consultation and treatment must be 90 minutes, but we also offer a follow-up 90 minute session