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Juan Bedoya


Osteopath, Personal Trainer, & Massage

Juan Bedoya is a sports structural osteopath, sports therapist and personal fitness trainer with over 5 years experience in clinical practice, and more than 12 years of experience in sports therapy, fitness, exercise and sport rehabilitation

He is the Co-founder of Home Visit Therapies (HVT). He combines functional exercise, structural osteopathy, acupuncture and sport massage to achieve maximum health and fitness results to promote better well-being.

Juan qualified from British college of osteopathy medicine BCOM in 2013, he is certified by YMCA fitness industry, London school of sport massage LSSM.

Juan holds a Master Degree in osteopathy Medicine (M.Ost.Med)

Diploma in Naturopathy Medicine (ND)

Diploma in Osteopathy Medicine(DO)

Foundation Diploma in Medical acupuncture(BMAS)

Clinical sports and Remedial Massage therapist diploma (BTEC Level 5)

YMCA personal Trainer Diploma

Available for: Personal Training | Advanced Personal Training | Couples Personal Training |  Personal Training + Sport Massage |Osteopathy | Osteopathy & Massage Mix

Available in areas: N1, N5, NW1, NW3, NW8, SW3, SW1,SW2, SW4, SW5, SW6, SW7, SW8, SW9, SW10, SW11, WC1A, WC1B, WC1N, WC1X, WC1H, WC2, WC2A, WC2B, WC2E, WC2H, WC2N, EC1, EC1M, EC2, EC3, EC4, EC2A, EC3N, EC4M, EC4V, E18, E1, E2, E3, W11, W2, SE1, SE11, SE5, SE16, W1, W2, W8, W11, W1C 


Extremely efficient diagnosis and treatment. Thank you to Juan!

Azhar Rifai

Brilliant and successful treatment from Juan Bedoya. My previous lower back issues have improved dramatically and now happier and more confident with my physical activity. Highly recommended!

David W Kidd

Juan Bedoya has been an integral part to my recovery and increased performance in the sport of powerlifting over the past year or so.

He came to the diagnosis that I had a ‘squashed disc’ in the L4/L5 region of my lumbar spine. Meaning it was difficult for me to deadlift and squat to depth efficiently.

Juan managed to get me back on track with a lot of spinal manipulation, acupuncture and shockwave treatments. Now I’ve surpassed my previous best totals under his care and rehabilitation exercise guidance.

After 6-8 months I was able to compete in my first competition since my first appointment. Very knowledgable and always offers many suggestions to help support the rehab process in your own time.

I highly recommend Juan if you have any issues with any back pain. He has a lot of patience and shows a lot of passion towards his work with his clients.

Shane Serdenia

I suffer with fibromyalgia and receive treatment from Juan Bedoya on a routine basis. On my recent visit I had suffered a severe migraine attack two days previously. Although my headache had gone I was still feeling dizzy and my vision was still distorted. Juan treated me with acupuncture and massage to my head and neck. The dizziness disappeared almost immediately and my vision had returned to normal within the next few hours. I have never had treatment following a migraine before and in the past the after effects have sometimes lasted up to a week. I was so happy to feel better so quickly. Thank you Juan. I know I can always rely on you.

Vivienne Vincent

I see Juan one a month and have done for the past year. I was in terrible pain with two prolapsed discs in my lower back and sever sciatica in my leg. After 4 sessions with Juan things started to finally improve then after another 3 sessions on a weekly basis the pain had almost gone. I will be forever grateful to him for putting me back together, hence the monthly maintenance. I would highly recommend this spine clinic.

Susan Worboyes

I've been seeing Juan with my mum for monthly maintenance on my back with Juan. I sit at a desk all day and believe this doesn't help my posture, each month Juan works his magic on my back/shoulders to keep it in good shape. He's always very caring and professional and takes the time to listen and understand his patients. I would not go anywhere else.

Hollie Worboyes